The Unknown Past

4e System and Character Test

The group ran through the first couple of encounters in H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell on Saturday 17th. The goal of the session was to allow us all to get accustomed to the rules in the 4th Edition, discover how well the characters worked together, and determine if adjustments to were needed to make the party more efficient.

The party was ambushed by a group of small, rust-colored, lizard like creatures. Some of the monsters were wielding spears, a couple short swords, and one had a sling. The party fought bravely and overcame the evil ambushers. Phlarr found the tracks of the fiends journey to the site of the ambush but after some discussion the party decided to continue on the Winterhaven. While in Winterhaven it was discovered that the creatures were kobolds.

In Winterhaven the group secured rooms at Wrafton’s Inn for the night and began looking for information regarding their missing mentor, Douven Staul. Various information regarding their mentor’s time in the village and his quest to locate the dragon’s corpse was picked up while mingling at the Inn’s common room. Lud identified a rude and suspicious elven woman, but when he attempted to follow her he was discovered.

The next morning they talked to Lord Padraig and accepted his offer to remove all threats of the kobolds from the area, and they retrieved a map to the dragon’s grave from Valthrun the Precient who lived in the tower.

They followed the map down the southern road until it said they should strike off to the east. Once off the road, Phlarr again found tracks and they followed them to an excavation being performed by some human laborers and managed by a two short figures (one gnome and one halfling). The gnome called them down to see the dragon’s bones and they cautiously advanced.

When the gnome realized that they were suspicious, he called his comrades to attack. Most of the party focused on the gnome and the halfling, while Biri went after the human laborers, and Damillia went after one of the guard lizards. The lizards turned out to be very strong and Lud moved to help his half-sister with Erowin’s help.

Finally, all of the enemy were dispatched and the excavation site searched. Douven Staul was found tied, gagged, and beaten under a dirt covered tarp. Their mentor saved and his amulet returned all ended well.

Everyone learned that how the magic, combat, and healing systems worked in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. The players also learned which skills did what and how each of their selected powers and feats worked. No XP or other rewards were given.

Some of the party members decided to make some changes to their characters based on what they learned. They have to get those changes made by the next session.

The next session is Friday the 23rd at 5:30 PM and this time it is for real.


looking forward to it =)

4e System and Character Test

It was so much fun and I’m really glad we did it!!!!!!

4e System and Character Test

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