The Unknown Past

Meet and Greet

Who am I? How did I get here?

The first meeting started with dinner, everybody made it to Zarate’s on time, well mostly. After we all met, some for the first time, we ate a variety of latin dishes that were all pretty good. The restaurant conversation was a little subdued thanks to the ambient volume and the newness of some to the group. When everyone was full, we all caravaned to the house.

As this session was for character building, it began with a little review of the back story and some Q&A around what character classes and races will fit in the world. The discussions went from the “what can I play”, to “what are you playing” while everyone tried to get the feel of the group and their place in it.

After a couple of hours of talking, swapping books, and passing PCs around, we ended up with a group of seven characters; A human cleric of Pelor from the village of Lakeview and her half brother the half-elven the wandering beastmaster, an curious well educated eladrin wizard and her companion an elven avenger of Ioun, a human paladin of Bahamut from a distant village who has just completed his religious training with the Rivergate priestess, a dragonborn barbarian that was found by the wandering beastmaster and the raised to maturity by the priestess of Bahamut, and the prodigal son of the town drunk returning home from his training at the wizard’s college at the University of Shakala in Kailenhal to bury is father.

The next session is planned for Saturday the 17th. The plan is to run this group through the Keep on the Shadowfell, see how the characters fare in combat, perform any tweaks that are necessary, and polish any character back story that is needed.



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