The Unknown Past

The Missing Flower, Part 1

On a crisp Dwarf day morning, early in the month of Flora, Lud and Portick were working on their weapons play at the training grounds of the city watch. Under the guidance of Commander Tynne the watch commander, both warriors were sweating profusely. Biri was sitting on the side waiting for the men to finish so that she can take a turn. Damillia was sitting with Biri, watching her brother and her friend bruise each other.

A pair of the Commander’s guardsmen, rushed into the yard. “Commander! There is a problem at the north docks. Master Bartholomew has requested that you come immediately and bring all of your men.”, the first guardsman said.

“Let us go see what the demanding guild master needs. Lead the way.”, ordered Commander Tynne.

As the commander left the 4 friends followed to see what was going on. Upon arriving at the docks the laborers were in an uproar and Master Bartholomew was standing on a stack of boxes trying to get the crowd of workers to go look for something.

After a some conversation, Commander Tynne determined that for some reason the guild leader had let his eleven year old daughter make a trip to Clifton’s Way by herself a couple of few days earlier and she never arrived, according to a caravan master that had just arrived from there. The commander sent two of his men to get the Knights Verdoyant and the Rangers to begin searching for the young girl and then he dispersed the crowd.

That evening at the Dancing Goblin Inn Xyphus, Phlarr, and Erowin were enjoying the company and the stories of Professor Raibeart, when the news of the child’s disappearance made its way there.

A couple of days later the return of a pair of the Knights caused everyone to gather at the docks for an update. They confirmed the girl never arrived in Clifton’s Way. They had also spent the previous day searching some of the more probable areas for traces of the girl, with no luck.

At this point Master Bartholomew lost all his remaining composure and began insisting that the commander do more. Commander Tynne asked for volunteers. Of course, Portick was one of the first to offer his services. Biri and Damillia quickly joined in. Lud joined making it a group of four, but since Commander Tynne required a minimum of five to be allowed to join the search others were needed. Xyphus, Phlarr, and Erowin joined up with Portick’s group making a party of seven. The commander deputized all of the various groups and sent them off to assist in the search.

Our heroes decided that based on the information they had so far, the best place to begin looking was between the first and second well sites on the road to Clifton’s Way. So after passing the first site they began searching the east side of the road for signs of the missing little girl.

Phlarr found some tracks that appeared to belong to a small humanoid leaving the roadway and walking toward the tree line a few hundred yards away. The group followed the trail to the trees but eventually lost it. After some more scouting of the area, they found a hidden viewing stand in the trees with a good view of the road. Some more searching and they picked up some tracks again and set off in pursuit.

They came across a camp site in a clearing, searched it for clues, found that a medium sized group of goblins and orcs had stayed here recently. Since dark was fast approaching, the party made use of the campsite to rest. In the morning they began the search again. They did not see any child’s tracks leaving the camp so they decided to follow the tracks of the goblinoids that headed to the east and into the depths of Darke Harte forest and The Wilds.

Someone must have been expecting the pursuit because the tracks leaving the camp had been hidden and the party had a hard time following them. They were making slow progress so Lud sent his wolf companion to scout ahead and look for the band of orcs and goblins. They day passed with partial success and as the sun was setting the friends looked for a place to camp in the thick woods.

During the second watch, the intermittent baying of a wolf and a crashing sound that was increasing in volume caused Lud, Phlarr, and Erowin to wake up the rest of the slumbering party. As the group located their weapons and moved to see what was happening, three large wolves with goblin riders came rushing into sight chasing Lud’s wolf companion.

The battle began with the party moving into position to attack the pursuers when within range. Lud began with his bow as Portick moved heroically into melee with a pair of dire wolves and their riders. Biri moved off to one side breathed her spray of acid into the foes and attacked the third wolf and its rider. Phlarr moved to help Biri as the casters provided support. Support which was soon needed by Portick as the four enemies he engaged mauled him unmercifully.

Swinging blades and brilliant magics met snarling fangs and thrusting spears.

The tide of the battle flowed back and forth until Xyphus cast the spell of sleep and two goblins and one dire wolf were removed from the contest. The party focused their efforts on the two remaining wolves and quickly dispatched them. Phlarr called out to be sure and save one for questioning and the team proceeded to remove the threat of the last wolf and subdue the remaining goblins.

The wounded and winded heroes bound and searched the goblins and their mounts. Hoping to gain some clues as to the fate of the young girl and the reason for the abduction.

What will they find? What do the goblins know? Can they save the girl or is it too late?



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