Master Fellid

The Lord Mayor of the town of Rivergate; Reports to Baron of Anadar


Stocky 46 year old male; coal black wavy hair past his shoulders; brown eyes; 6’2”; happy, smiling man with a good word for every one he meets.


Master Fellid was born into the Sanderson house 46 years ago. He was an only child to the Rivergate mayor. He was raised to lead the town by understanding its past and its people. Until his eighth naming day he was educated by a young Professor Raibeart and his father’s staff. At the age of 8 he was apprenticed to Goodman Adam the innkeeper of the Dancing Goblin Inn. He started as a kitchen scullion, and progressed through the various duties including; stable boy, maid assistant, busboy, cook, waiter, and bartender. At the age of 14 his father removed him from his role at the inn and had him assigned to the city watch. He served for 4 years, making the rank of Sergeant, before leaving of his free will to pursue service in the ranger corps. He trained with the rangers for 2 years then decided to see the kingdom. He returned from his travels 3 years later as a first mate on a merchant vessel. Upon his return, Fellid learned that his father was very ill so he stayed in Rivergate assisting where he could with the daily duties of the mayor and supporting his mother. His father slipped into the afterlife two weeks after Founder’s Day in Fellid’s 26th year. The baron of Anadar and his family came to his father’s funeral along with most of his mayors and their families. The count of Barseen was also in attendance with some of his other barons and their families. The nobles with unmarried daughters stayed for a few weeks to allow the new mayor an opportunity to consider a marriage. 18 months later he married the Baron of Quireston’s daughter, Kristyna. They now have 5 children; 3 daughters (Helena 16, Lucie 6, Rose 4) and 2 sons (Owain 13, Gilbert 10).

Master Fellid

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