Justice Lorimar

Regional Justice of the Peace; Assigned by the Tribunal Primus


24 year old moderate build male; Short cropped blonde hair; 5’ 10”; At Work: confrontational, to the point, hates to waste time. Away from Work: Quiet and reserved, always has time for a good book or poem, a good story, a good friend, and a good wine.


Lorimar von Gabriellius was born in the city of Foundation to High Magistrate Lorimar von Gabriellius for the Duchy of Misandhal and his wife Priscilla. The von Gabriellius family can trace its linage to the ruling family from the Duchy of Gabriellius in the old kingdom of Anairia and Lorimar was never allowed to forget it. His future as a member of the Tribunal Primus was decided before his birth. After the completion of his studies at the Academius Tribunal in Paladuis, Lorimar was assigned to the regional courts the Foundation area as a councilor. Due to his father’s renown in the area he was raised to Senior Councilor in record time. The frustration with this ate at Lorimar and his attitude at home spiraled downward. As his relationship soured with his family he found the libraries in Foundation and the taverns to be his escape. After a few years of this, the distance in his relationship with his family convinced him that a physical distance is what he really needed. Within 6 months, a position in a farthest corner of the realm opened up as a regional Justice of the Peace in a small town known as Rivergate. Lorimar applied for the position and again thanks to his father’s status he received the position at the age of 19. Upon his arrival he found a town leadership that did not care who his father was, did not appreciate such a “youngling” being placed there, and a community that did not welcome strangers. To make the whole thing even more stressful, the county Magistrate immediately requested his reassignment and lost. The magistrate then appealed that to the Council Prime and lost again. Determined to make the people of the area like him and the leadership in the community and in the regional Tribunal Primus respect him Lorimar threw himself into learning everything he could about the previous Justice and the Rivergate region. He realized that the only way to earn the respect was to be just and impartial in his rulings, so he was. He realized that the only way to become liked by the people was to attempt to be a part of their lives, so he joined all the celebrations and frequented both of the town’s inns. After a few years he had earned respect for his position that he desired and he had a few friends in town. Now he frequents the Master’s Rest more than the Dancing Goblin due to its wine selection and has a dozen friends and many acquaintances. He has recently been looking for a spouse and is taking time off to visit surrounding communities to meet women.

Justice Lorimar

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