Sir Khristof

Commander of Northwood Keep; Knight-Corporal of the Knights Verdoyant ; Reports to the Knight-Lieutenant of the Baroney


42 year old muscular male; “Salt and Pepper” short hair that always seems mussed; Bright blue eyes; 6’ 0”; Confident, casual, and curious. Always has time for the ladies.


In the Verdoyant Brotherhood the assignment of to Rivergate has always been a mixed blessing. The area is very close to nature still and militarily active, but it is so far from the major cities that it can be hard to advance. When Khristof was assigned to the post 16 years ago he was frustrated by what he saw to be the end of his career and his social life. While both have so far been an accurate prediction, as “Sir” Khristof he has exceeded both his sergeants and the local leadership’s expectations. Sir Khristof is known for his frontline leadership of at least one weekly patrol and of all assaults against the raiding goblins. More than once he has lead a combined force of Brotherhood, Watch, and Rangers deep into the orc and goblin lands to retrieve people and goods that were stolen. Sir Khristof is famous within the duchy for his open Tournaments. He holds them every few months hoping to draw new challenges for his martial skills. He wins is contests in the tourneys more often than not but even in loss his opponents have commented they are not sure whether he let them win. Sir Khristof is a moderately handsome individual who truly enjoys the company of women, all women. He has a bright smile, a complimentary word, and a helping hand every female he sees. The part that confused the local men upon his arrival was the fact that his interaction with the women he came across was always a flirty, conversation and a helpful demeanor but never any more. If he is not in the field battling the hordes, training with his men, or in a tournament he will be found in the town walking and talking with a woman, eight to eighty seems to make him no difference. Sir Khristof has been actively petitioning for a move to a more suburban post for the last year but all requests have gone unanswered to this point.

Sir Khristof

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