Commander Tynne

Commander of the city watch; Hired by the Lord Mayor


36 year old, slim framed male; light brown hair worn in a pony tail; amber eyes; 5’ 8”; no nonsense, lives for his job, passionate about maintaining “his” towns security.


Commander Tynne started his life in Rivergate as a runaway from his human father. He was raised in Redwood Hold, a small town far to the south near the northern edge of the elvin forest. He was told that his mother died during his birth. His father was always a sad man who maintained a modest life for is two children. He married his eldest daughter off to a neighboring town’s baron when Tynne was 4. His father fed and clothed him but really had no other time for his son. By the age of 8 Tynne could be gone for a week before his father would notice him missing and contact the city watch. Tynne spent most of his time hunting in the woods, sipping watered-down ales in the taverns, or pestering the soldiers of the city watch. After his 14th naming day when he was not selected by any of the masters, went to his father to ask for his help getting an apprenticeship. His father became unhinged, screaming and beating his son. This unexpected attack caused deep confusion within Tynne and he ran into the forest to recover. That is when he decided that he did not need his father and could make it on his own. He snuck into his home and took: food, drink, a bedroll, a hunting knife, his father’s longbow, and some silver. Then he began his quest to find a new home. After almost a year of travelling, he arrived in Rivergate near Winter’s End. Tynne found service at the local labors guild as a porter until his 16th naming day. Since he was relatively new to town he was not selected by any master for apprenticeship. Not wanting to be a laborer all of his life, he applied to the city watch. As was required, he was accepted and began his service. Tynne’s previous experience with the Redwood Hold watch and his time in the forest allowed him to quickly become a favorite partner of the more experienced watchmen. Due to his father’s treatment Tynne had developed a deep dedication to seeing that everyone is treated fairly and has a driving desire to see justice served. This attitude was noticed by his superiors and honed during his training. By the time he had reached his second tour he had reached the rank of Sergeant. When the old commander retired it was a foregone conclusion that the Lord Mayor would name Tynne the new Commander. Since his elevation to city watch commander over 12 years ago, Tynne has become one of the most trusted men in the city. The watchmen seem to have taken in their commander’s passions and now approach their assignments and duties with an attitude that has the town folk looking forward to seeing the city watch patrols.

Commander Tynne

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