Brother Geirdin

Local Priest of Moradin; Appointed by the Temple in Paladius


Strong and stocky male with dark skin; 41 years old; Long, braided, blonde hair and beard; Excellent eye for quality, strong warrior instincts, passionate about loyalty, honesty, and duty.


After reaching his majority in the dwarven mountain home, Geirdin, son of Grussian, son of Hannur, son of Ulfin, of the clan “strong dark arms”, Geirdin joined a mountain guardian unit and began his warrior training as all his cousins had. After the 10 year training Geirdin showed great promise being one of the stronger and sturdier in his troop, and above average ability with the warhammer. The first official outing for his troop was as a escort for a human caravan leaving the trade city and travelling to the human border. At the edges of the foothills their caravan was set upon by a band of ogres. The 25 newly trained dwarves fought a running cover action for the caravan against the 12 ogres. They managed to hold the ogres off until the human solders arrived to help route the last 4 ogres. During the combat Geirdin was separated from the troop, chased, knocked out by a large thrown rock, and left for dead. When he came to he was unsure of his location and began searching for food and water to use in his search for home. He found a pool in the back of a large cave that he located while following a small bear which he killed for food. Geirdin rested in the cave and, while smoking the bear meat for travel, he explored the cave. He found the pool with a knee high polished stone that was almost block shaped. Knowing that the block was not a natural occurrence, he began looking for other signs of past habitation. While climbing on the block to get a better view, he slipped off and into the pool hitting his head. As the blackness closed in, Geirdin began to hear a ringing like a hammer on an anvil in an armorer’s forge. When he awoke he was in a forge with a middle aged dwarven male stripped to the waist hammering a small object on his anvil. Geirdin waited for the craftsman to finish his work. As he placed the item in a large tub to cool, the master craftsman turned to Geirdin saying, “Well are you done with life, or will you live for me?” Geirdin sat confused for a few minutes under the questioning eyes of the man before realized who he was talking to, Lord Moradin. “No my lord, I mean Yes, my Lord I will follow you.” Stammered Geirdin. “Fine.” Grumbled Moradin, “You were never to be a warrior. Then take up my symbol from the water and go forth be a beacon for Loyalty and Honor. Teach my ways and be happy all the days of your life.” Geirdin thanked his god and lept into the tub looking for the symbol. As he struggled for breath his fingers tightened on a small object. He pushed off the bottom of the tub to the surface for air and came up in the cave. Geirdin then walked to the area where his fire was smoking the meat, dried his clothes, picked up his belongings, and walked straight back to his home. When he arrived he gave his weapons to the arms master, told his story to his captain as he quit his post in the troop, and then he marched to the temple. Geirdin rose quickly as a priest but when the time came for him to become a full brother, he felt that his place was in the human kingdom. The temple sent him, with a note of his progress and story, to Paladius for placement in the human order. The high priest received the emissary from the dwarven temple. As he read the note he knew exactly where to place Brother Geirdin, Rivergate the artisan community. Brother Geirdin found an amazing home of people that were exactly as he expected, caring, family oriented, artisans and craftsmen of all kind. He quickly became accepted into the community and has been serving it and Moradin for almost 16 years.

Brother Geirdin

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