Class: Paladin
Build: Protecting Paladin


FINAL: Str 16, Con 14, Dex 15, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 19
STARTING: Str 16, Con 14, Dex 15, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 17


AC: 17
Fort: 15
Reflex: 15
Will: 16


HP: 34
Surges/Day: 13
Surge Value: 8


Passive Insight: 17
Passive Perception: 12


Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, Intimidate, Religion


Toughness, Devoted Paladin


Holy Strike, Enfeebling Strike, Ardent Strike, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands


Fearsome Smite, Divine Mettle, Divine Strength


On Pain of Death




Portick was born near the village of Sonnebron on the plains of Bohnin a days walk from the western border of Feltingara. He was born the sixth of seven children and the third son. His mother and father keep a very large herd of goats from which they sell milk, cheese, wool, and meat. Life at home was hard work but it was made bearable by his close and loving family.

Like many young boys in the area Portick found himself stuck in a field most days acting as a shepherd. While watching the flock he spent many an afternoon taking the heads off of the “monstrous” wild flowers that attempted to attack his flock, as most boys would. By his early teens he could only foresee a long boring life of herding goats, yet he dreamed that someday he could use his “mighty blade, Briarthorn, to fell foul beasts and save fair maidens”. What young shepherd didn’t?

When Portick reached the age of 16 he attempted to make his daydreaming from the pastures into his reality. Like most of the area’s children who were not first born, he had been skipped over for an apprenticeship. And Like most of the area’s children who were not first born, he volunteered for the military and was sent off to Kailenhal for training.

All volunteers spend their first year in the army training the basics, and all volunteers, at the end of that training are tested for special duties. The testing includes interviews with various priesthoods, mages, the scholars, the rangers, the navy, and the officers. During these interviews Portick dreams and expectations, his morals and values, his physical and mental abilities were all poked and prodded, measured and recorded. Unlike most volunteers his natural leadership and remarkable physical abilities were uncovered along with his strong sense of justice and his driving passion to protect those he feels responsible.

Portick seemed rather confused when was selected as a candidate for advanced training. He was the third son of a shepherd, how could he be special enough to be selected or talented enough to survive?

Not only did Portick survive advanced training, but he was selected as lead cadet every month after the first by his squad, and seven times decorated by his superiors and teachers for surpassing all expectations. Upon graduation he received an accommodation, being named as Top Cadet of the graduating class. When he was so named his fellow cadets let out a loud roar of approval at which Portick’s face turned a deep blushing read.

As Portick was leaving the parade grounds after the ceremony he was approached by the Patriarch of the church of Bahamut in Kailenhal.The Patriarch had been giving the benediction and was so impressed by the put pouring of affection by his peers and the officers that he asked Portick to join the paladins of his faith. Portick said that he would need to think on it so the priest told him to stop by the temple when he had made up his mind.

After a couple of weeks, Portick’s spare coin had begun to run low and he decided that he would rather use his gifts in service to Bahamut then to spend his life in the military. At least then he could be helping people rather than just standing watch. So he packed his inn room into his backpack and went to the temple of Bahamut.

He waited for what seemed like days for an audience with the Patriarch. A light touch on his shoulder woke him,he rose stiffly from the hard bench, shouldered his pack, and followed the dark haired priestess in flowing white robes to see the Patriarch. Upon seeing Portick the Patriarch’s face brightened as he stepped from behind the large carved oak desk to shake the young man’s hand.

After a short welcome to the fold speech, Portick was shown to a small room with a pallet on the floor, a wash stand on one wall, a three legged stool, and a wooden clothes chest with no lock. The next morning his learning began.

Leaning of the history and hierarchy of the church, the interaction between the faiths, and the accepted miracles filled his first years, well that and the common services, prayers, and songs.

Two years in Kailenhal’s Temple of Bahamut learning the details of his faith then Portick found himself having to select a location to do his ritual and magic training. The priest in the village of Sonnebron had an apprentice so he chose to go to the Village of Rivergate where his cousin Adalberht had move a few years ago and had been making a name for himself as a goldsmith. Thus he was apprenticed to Mistress Dinleva at the Temple of Bahamut there.

During the last five years he has made many friends in the village, learned all that was required of him, and has been putting off the last step in his training; removing a monstrous evil in the cause of justice.


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