Class: Avenger
Build: Pursuing Avenger
Avenger’s Censure: Censure of Pursuit


FINAL: Str 11, Con 15, Dex 18, Int 13, Wis 19, Cha 10
STARTING: Str 11, Con 15, Dex 16, Int 13, Wis 17, Cha 10


AC: 17
Fort: 13
Reflex: 15
Will: 15


HP: 29
Surges/Day: 9
Surge Value: 7


Passive Insight: 14
Passive Perception: 24


Acrobatics, Perception, Religion, Stealth


Power of Skill


Bond of Pursuit, Overwhelming Strike


Elven Accuracy, Abjure Undead, Divine Guidance, Oath of Enmity, Angelic Alacrity


Aspect of Might




Phlarr was born into an elven family with their long linage deeply woven into the religions of his people, and their blood nobly sacrificed when required. His mother’s family followed the path of Corellon in its pursuit of the arts and magic, while his father’s followed the ways of Avandra and her delight of adventure. Phlarr’s path seemed always confused in his youth. He dreamed of following the adventurous ways of his father, reclaiming ancient Elven and Eladrin artifacts from the great battlegrounds of history. All the while being intensely intrigued by the magical ways of his mother. His mother’s wishes won out in his early teenage years and he was was sent to Ala’templa to pursue the study of magic.

Phlarr passionately threw himself into his studies, and as is the way with most new students, he excelled in some fields and floundered in others. The Histories of the Sentient Races and Proven Prophets Since the Invasion were two of his best, while Cantrips and other Curiosities and Introduction to Arcane Rituals and Rites were two of his worst. To improve his magical skills and arcane knowledge he grew friendships with many of his classmates. One of these was a brilliant young Eladrin he knew from his father’s past, Erowin, who’s passion for the ways of magic and raw natural talents showed him that the path of magic was not his true path. Erowin, the daughter of one of his father’s historic item collectors, tried to assist him in mastering some of the ritual and spellcraft that he was having trouble with, but with no success. These failures renewed the confusion in his mind regarding his future and uncertainty set in.

The great library became his home as Phlarr began to seek a path, a discipline, that he had a passion and the aptitude for. Early one evening, while searching the rows of scrolls and tomes for an obscure text, a small group of his fellow bookworms invited him, for what seemed like the hundredth time, to a religious get together for Ioun. He conceded that he needed the break and that the socialization would not hurt and he followed their lead. The service was short but the sharing of knowledge and wisdom that followed stretched into the long night. Here he found men and women who shared passions he now recognized as his. The passion for study and learning, and the elves who shared them, kept him attending the services.

Many months later, Phlarr was quietly enjoying a drink with the priest of Ioun before a service when an excited fellow brought an ancient relic of Ioun used by knights during the orc wars and thought long lost. When it was passed to Phlarr he felt lightheaded as misty visions passed before his eyes. The weight of prophecy, guided by the hand of Ioun, impressed upon him a mosaic of seemingly random images. When he again acknowledged his surroundings, Phlarr new his true calling was in service to Ioun.

The priest helped Phlarr find his way in his new calling as a priest of Ioun. During his second month of education in the ways of Ioun, Phlarr’s next vision occurred, or more accurately the clarification of one of the images in his mosaic. He saw his father, in some unknown dark place, take his last breath as he was stabbed in the back by a skeletal arm while wrestling an ancient staff of Ioun from the grasp of a ghoul.

The scene caused a drastic shift in Phlarr from a scholarly prophet to revenge driven justice seeker. The personality change was noted by one of the acolytes in the temple of Ioun that had previously befriended him. The acolyte was member of a secret order of warrior priest of Ioun. These men and women act as the hands of prophecy, gatherers of history, guardians of knowledge, and the destroyers of the undead minions of Vecna. He offered Phlarr an opportunity to join and use the skills they taught to get justice for his father upon the undead that slayed him, and take up his father’s quest to repatriate the artifacts of his culture.

After agreeing to join the group of warrior priests and completing its training, Phlarr has been looking for any opportunity to find the history and relics of Ioun, follow in his adventuring father’s footsteps, and if possible bring his father’s body back to its final resting place. In his quest he and his friend Erowin, have spent the last few years making regular trips to the communities around the Wilds, most of these trips have ended with him in Rivergate at the relic shop of Professor Raibeart.


The Unknown Past Phlarr