She is a Eladrin wizard


Class: Wizard
Build: Illusion Wizard


FINAL: Str 11, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 20, Wis 8, Cha 14
STARTING: Str 11, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 20, Wis 8, Cha 14


AC: 15
Fort: 10
Reflex: 15
Will: 15


HP: 20
Surges/Day: 6
Surge Value: 5


Passive Insight: 14
Passive Perception: 9


Arcana, Diplomacy, Insight, Nature, Stealth


Alchemist, Twist the Arcane Fabric


Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Illusory Ambush, Cloud of Daggers


Fey Step, Orb of Deception, Ray of Enfeeblement


Phantom Chasm, Horrid Whispers


None, None


Erowin is the only child of Ariatae and Solaquesal. Her parents have a large building in the royal elven court complex where they research, document, catalog, then display, sell, or return various elven and eladrin artifacts, relics, and trinkets that have been recovered from around the world. Her mother, Ariatae, is an artist and a business woman, she makes use of her light touch and her keen eye to restore and preserve the items they acquire. Erowin’s father, Solaquesal, is much more of a bookworm. He spends most of his days documenting what has been found, reading the histories to place the item correctly in time, then cataloging his findings and the permanent home for the item.

Erowin grew up surrounded by the past and its treasures. Her parents found that at an early age she could quite often distinguish items that had been enchanted from those that had not therefore, when she reached the age of choosing, they placed her further education in the capable hands of great Eladrin teachers at the academy of magic, Ala’templa.

Upon her arrival she was pleasantly surprised to see that she had a few of her classes with the son of one of her parents treasure hunters, his name was Phlarr. After the first year of magical basics Erowin was noted to be gifted in the ways of magic and already learned in histories so she was selected to spend her second year as an exchange student at the human magical school in the city of Kailenhal, in the human duchy of Feltingara.

During her year in the College of the Arcane at the University of Shakala, Erowin met a young wizard named Xyphus. He also had a passion for history and a gift with magic. It amazed her how much the humans misconstrued about the eladrin and their elven cousins, and how much was lost about their history, even to one as interested in history as Xyphus. She sadly concluded that it must be rather hard to pass along information due to the short length of their life spans. She also decided that it was not her place to correct the oversights since she was not there as a teacher only as a student. Of Xyphus a few things stuck in her head; he was from the area of the human kingdom known as Rivergate, there was a human, named Professor Raibeart, who was the area’s historian, and the Rivergate area seems to be a rich storehouse of ancient elven and eladrin relics.

After her year abroad, Erowin returned to Ala’templa to complete her education. Near the end of her training she ran into Phlarr again and during an all night, tea soaked, catchup session she learned that Phlarr had left the school and become a disciple of Ioun and that he was now taking after his father and attempting to make a name for himself as a collector of rare artifacts.

A few months after she graduated from school and returned home, Phlarr came to her parent’s business to try and sell some trinkets he had collected. Her parents were at court but Erowin agreed to help him determine which were the most valuable. They rummaged through the bags and after an hour or so, Erowin smiled. “Silly elf,” She laughed playfully. “You have hauled half of the forest’s trash up here hoping for what? a few silver? some praise? Do you not know what true relics look like? How will you ever make a living as a collector if you do not?”

“Why don’t you do it then if you think you can do better, my Lady?” Phlarr muttered as he stalked from the establishment leaving his collected baubles scattered across the floor.

She mentioned Phlarr’s visit to her parents and her mother told Erowin of his father’s death and that Phlarr was trying his best to follow in his footsteps. Erowin was sure that she would have acted differently if she had known, that she wanted to help her friend, and that she should attempt to be more aware of others’ circumstances.

The next time Phlarr came to see them, her mother agreed to buy a few of his items for a little coin even though he had nothing of value. As he moved silently toward the door Erowin intercepted him, apologized for her behavior, and asked if he would allow her to help him on his next trip.

Being the pragmatic that he is, he agreed and they set off on the first of many trips around the area looking for treasures of the past. They have found many small items and most of them have been collected in the Rivergate area. Their trips have been frequent over the last few years with regular trips to the communities around the Wilds, most of these trips have ended with him in Rivergate at the relic shop of Professor Raibeart.


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