Battle Cleric


Damillia was born in the village of Lakeview to Priscilla, the village’s herbalist healer, and Osuald, the area’s priest of Pelor. They live in the rectory at the church overlooking Lake Valkor. Even with Damillia’s father’s healing abilities, her mother still practices her herbal remedies when the opportunity arises.

Her mother was previously married to an elven border guard, Luthais, who was wounded during a major offensive into the Wilds. She assisted the elf in his recovery, fell in love, married, and bore him a single son, Lud. After Luthais’s death Priscilla married the new priest, Osuald of Pelor, and Lud began to spend his time wandering the wilderness nearby. As he grew up he began living off the land, and seeking adventure where he could.

Damillia lived a rather sheltered life as a child. Her mother always hovered over her as she played, and her father lectured her on the ways of goodness and Pelor. Initially this fostered a sense of protection and caring in Damillia, but as she began to grow up she started to look for ways to sneak off to be alone, to learn about the other village children’s lives, and to find her half brother and hear the mostly true stories of his adventures.

At the age of 10 Damillia decided that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and asked that he train her in the ways of the priesthood. He was excited for the chance and set out to make a schedule for her training over the next ten years. Five weeks later, sat her down and walked her through the plan. She began her training on the first of Verdure.

Her training was following the timelines set out by her father, but the strictness of the schedule and her father’s unwillingness to budge from it began to frustrate the then 13 year old girl. Damillia wanted to learn some of the magic of her god, but her training plan said that she still had over 3 years of additional study before her father would begin to teach her magic. Thanks to her diligence in her training and her parents comfort with safety of travel to the nearby village of Rivergate, that her half brother called home, she was allowed to make regular trips into Rivergate. She was required to any shopping that her parents needed while she was there and to bring back a report on her brother in exchange for the freedom.

One day that spring she stopped as she walked by the temple of Bahamut in the village of Rivergate during one of her trips because she could hear what she perceived to be priestly magic being cast. She followed the sound to the back of the building and peeked around the corner. The dragonborn priestess of Bahamut,Mistress Dinleva, was training a young, and very attractive paladin in the use of magic. She watched from the bush covered corner mumbling to herself what she could understand and attempting to get the gestures that he was making.

Lost in her magical focus, Damillia jumped as she heard Biri, the dragonborn warrior that called the temple home, say from behind her, “Why don’t you go over there with them?”

At that, the priestess shouted to her, “My dear girl, if you really want to learn please keep us all safe and come over here. Learn the right way, because I have no idea what would happen if you got some of these spells wrong.”

Damillia continued to learn the ways of Pelor from her father and she learned the basics of magic from the priestess of Bahamut, though she had to make considerable changes to the spells to get them to work for her due to the difference in the patrons deities that she and the paladin worshiped. All in all she greatly enjoyed the training at the hands of the patient priestess and the company of the handsome paladin,Portick, and mysterious yet friendly Biri.

When it came time for her father to begin her magical training, he became very upset that she already knew as much as she did and he refused to teach her anything else saying, “If do not think that you need my help to learn the ways of magic, I must have nothing else you wish to know!”

Her relationship was strained for a couple of years with her father but has become better as the training incident has slipped into the past. He still refuses to train her but no longer seems distant when she practices or returns form Rivergate.

Damillia has begun to spend most of her time in Rivergate with her friends, Biri and Portick, and her half brother Lud. She has recently made friends with a pair of elves, Phlarr and Erowin, that travel form the elven lands to trade with Professor Raibeart, as she has become curious about her brother’s heritage and the other races of the realm.


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