Master Bartholomew


Human, Male; 36 years old; 5’7”, 168 lbs, once powerfully built but now going to fat; bowl cut, thinning red hair; pale freckled skin.


Has an 11 year old daughter named Lilly, a 7 year old son named Nathanael, and a 3 year old son named Philip. His wife, Parthia, is 30 years old; 5’4”, 145 lbs; has short, very curly, black hair and olive skin.

Bartholomew was born in Wuudwyn and quickly worked his way up in the dock workers hierarchy there. At the age of 23, he was assigned to the Rivergate Laborer’s Guild as the new local guild leader. Before he left for his new post he asked his long time sweetheart, Parthia, to marry him.

Over the last 13 years he has slowly stopped doing as much of the physical labor and has become more of a manager and a negotiator. He can still be found on the docks or in the warehouses hauling and lifting with the best of them when he has been feeling distant from his workers or guilty for a night of excesses.

Master Bartholomew

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