Ludayen (Lud)

Lud is an average height, unfortunatey not so average looking, seasoned woodlands beastlord ranger. He is the half brother of Damillia


* 29 years old, Male, 5' 8", 182 lbs, tone

* Normally seen with his loyal companion, a sleak, mostly brown with some white highlights, wolf, Charyou

* Worships Avandra occassionally

* Str 16, Con 15, Dex 16, Int 1, Wis 2, Cha 8

* AC 15, Fort 14, Ref 14, Will 12

* Uses a Battleaxe in primary, Scourge in secondary, and bow only when neccessary for range.

* Wears leather armor

* Trained in Endurance, Healing, Nature, Perception, and Stealth


Ludayen was born in the village of Lakeview in the Rivergate district to a human mother, Priscilla, and an elven father, Luthais. His father was raised in the elven forest and was trained as a member of the Darke Watch border guards. Luthais participated a planned cooperative raid by the human king’s Rangers and Knights Verdoyant and the elven queen’s Darke Watch into The Wilds to reduce the threat by the orcs, ogres, and giants. The raid was somewhat successful, but many casualties were had by the allied human and elven forces. The humans carried all of the wounded to the village of Rivergate but due to space issues and available supplies, the wounded were split between the other villages in the area. Luthais was sent to the village of Lakeview to heal from a massive wound to his back, where he was nursed back to health by a young human lady, Priscilla. During his recovery they fell in love and got married, shortly thereafter Lud was born.

It took a few years but eventually the wandering nature of Lud’s father took over and he went back to his post as a member of the Darke Watch. His mother stayed in the village of Lakeview near her family to raise her young son. Lud’s father returned every few months to spend a couple of weeks with his young son and his wife. His father took him into the woods at every visit; showing him the basics of fishing and hunting, how to move through the woods, and how live off the land. He also taught him the elven respect and love for all things that make their home in the woods.

During Lud’s 11th year, his father did not come when expected. When he missed the next visit cycle also Lud’s mother took her son and went to find her husband. She met the elven messenger in Rivergate, Luthais had been killed.

During the mourning period, Lud’s mother became a regular at the church of Pelor and Lud became a regular in the forests on the other side of the farms of Rivergate. Lud’s mother’s attendance of the church and her distraught state had her getting very close to the village priest. When Lud’s mother finally ended her mourning, six months after hearing the news of her husband’s death, she ended it with the announcement that the priest had asked for her hand.

By this time, Lud was able to take care of himself in the woods for days at a time and decided that it might be a good idea to do so. He shortly began to pattern his visits home into ones like his father finding that, while very welcome in his mother’s new home, he was more comfortable in the wilderness. It did not take long until he gained a half sister, Damillia.

That same week, Lud came across a starving black wolf cub whose mother was dead in an old hunter’s trap. He took pity on the animal and decided to nurse it back to health. When the wolf had recovered, Lud went to Rivergate where Commander Tynne told him that if he was going to keep the company of animals he should visit the elves and learn their ways with them. He took that idea as a justification to visit his father’s people.

During his trip to the elven forest, he brushed up on his elven, learned the ways of the elven beastmasters, met with his father’s comrades in arms in the Darke Watch, and learned that he did not feel like he wanted to live in elven lands any more than he wanted to live in Lakeview. On his return to Rivergate, he rescued a female dragonborn, Biri, from dehydration and starving and left her in the temple of Bahamut with Mistress Dinleva, the dragonborn priestess.

Lud has spent the last few years helping his wolf cub grow to adulthood, exploring the area around Rivergate, helping his mother and half sister whenever needed, and improving his martial skills sparring with Portick under the tutelage of Commander Tynne.

Ludayen (Lud)

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