House Rules

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House Rules

The Galvor campaign world and the kingdom of Shakala are going to be refined as we play since we are all still learning the system. Below are some current campaign rules and information.

The World

  • This campaign is a homebrew 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons world.
  • The primary kingdom, Shakala, is generally derivative of the ideas, technologies, language, and governments from the 13th-14th century in medieval northern Europe.
  • The world is high fantasy but low magic. This means that Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and powerful wizards exist, but most normal people will have limited contact with monsters and magic in their lives.

The Game

  • Bring what D&D 4E books you have for reference.
  • 4E is relatively new to me so there will be some learning of the rules as we go. Be flexible, take deep breaths, and remember to have fun.
  • Not all races, classes, powers, alignments, etc will be available, but feel free to argue your point if I say no the first time.
  • It is called ROLEplaying, not ROLLplaying, and not RULEplaying. Keep that in mind at all times cause I will ;-)
  • If the rules do not fit with my expectations of the world you can expect changes.

Rule Changes and Additions

  • Extended Rest does not automatically restore lost hit points.
  • In order to gain a new power, feat, or skill, the character must spend an appropriate amount of time training with an an accepted master. This can be done in advance to allow the new ability to become functional as soon as the character levels.
  • Any armor that imposes either a check or move penalty can cause penalties if slept in. Getting an extended rest while in armor requires a DC15 Endurance check with the DC increased equal to the Armor Bonus. If the armor is magical, the magical bonus is used as a check bonus for the character. Each consecutive extended rest period that the armor is slept in causes an additional +1 DC to the check.
  • Equipping armor during combat requires the character to spend 1 round per Armor Bonus that is provided by the armor. Another character can assist and thereby cut the time to equip by 1/2. During this time any involved characters are considered to be “unconscious” and “helpless” for the purposes of combat, with the exception that they are not prone.
  • Rituals require specific components in a player’s inventory to cast. A list of these components can be found here.

The Characters

  • Characters will be built to fit the world and must have a integral backstory.
  • Characters must be interested in the general well being of the realm, it’s citizens, and the interests of the realm.
  • Characters must be Good or Lawful Good (Unaligned only with special permission)

The Players

  • Players must be curious, strong roleplayers, and have an interest in interacting with challenging, complex, storylines.
  • Players must be committed to regularly attend sessions and help keep the story line moving forward.
  • Players should expect to help flesh out the past, present, and future of Shakala and the rest of the world through their roleplay.
  • I am currently in talks with my wife trying to get her involvement, because a woman can bring a whole new spin to the game.
  • Players MUST willing to maintain a family friendly play environment.
  • I will also be allowing my 2 children the opportunity to learn to play if they are interested.

    Even if my children decide not to play, we will be playing in my home and they will be within hearing range so topics and language will need to be kept to a low end PG-13 level.

House Rules

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