Raibeart's Fractured Artifact

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The information about this item was given to Xyphus by Professor Raibeart before the party left and headed into the Wilds to search for Lilly.

Below is a basic copy of the reference page that Raibeart made and gave to Xyphus.

Artifact CW2381-143


The fragment appears to be constructed from polished bone. Two portions of the bone have been painted or stained, one dark red and one dark blue. The one that was painted dark blue has some deep scratches, or carvings, near the fractured edge. The “paint” does not readily come off and tests show that its pigmentation is from an unknown source.


The object was found by a wandering miner, name with held by request, in the Clifton’s Way area. He claims that he was near the edges of the Wilds, panning for gold, in a streambed that flows deep into the Orc lands. As he was panning from a very large rock on the edge of the stream when he slipped off of the rock and fell into the water. He removed himself from the water and ran down stream to recover his equipment, which the stream was rapidly trying to claim. Frustrated and soaking wet, he returned to gather his camping gear and proceeded to rinse it off in the stream before packing it all in for the day, that was when he noticed the jagged edge of blue sticking out from under the now loosened bolder on which he was previously standing. He retrieved his shovel and dug around the piece to allow him to remove the object from under the rock. He washed off most of the grime and, realizing the value of a complete relic, began to dig around the area looking for other portions of broken artifact. Finding none he eventually gave up and brought the item to Raibeart the Historian of Rivergate. Raibeart evaluated the item for authenticity and then compensated the miner appropriately. He has been researching its origin and sent out feelers to his treasure hunters to look for any similar items.


The object appears to be very old maybe from before the Orc Wars. The miner has never found anything like this but has recovered a few other items in the past. The previous items have all turned out to be minor Elven and Eladrin artifacts. He finds the items within his “claim” and is unwilling to share its location as he also finds quite a bit of gold in the area.

Raibeart's Fractured Artifact

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