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The District of Rivergate

The Rivergate district is the preferred home for the characters. Each character’s initial back story must strongly link them to the community for at least 5 years between the ages of 8 and 16. This page is still a work in progress.

Rivergate is a small town in the far north east of the kingdom. It is contained within the barony of Anadar, in the county of Barseen, which is a part of the duchy of Feltingara. The town’s primary population is formed from the approximately ~50 households that own or work in the local businesses and numbers around ~100 individuals. Some of the outlying farmers, ranchers, and wood cutters consider themselves and their families to be Rivergate folk and if counted would grow the number of individuals to around ~175. During celebration times and known delivery times the town’s population has been known to grow to over ~300 people with visitors staying in camps and on boats up to 2 miles away.

The town of Rivergate’s name is accepted have originated from to the half mile stretch of the river that slows to a crawl near where the town is standing. This river feature is why the town became the primary shipping point for the area’s farmers, ranchers, miners, trappers, and woodcutters. The fact that some of the kingdom’s highest quality raw materials are collected here before their trip down river has attracted some of the best artisans from all over the land. These artisans stay hoping to get the option to buy the best resources for their craft. All of this has made Rivergate famous for the artisans that work there and the availability of resources that it exports across the realm. Due to Rivergate’s importance it naturally became the regional guild headquarters, and was defined as the judicial District of Rivergate.

The District of Rivergate, as defined by the Trade Assembly and the Tribunal Primus, includes more than just the town. It spans the area “within a one day walk of Rivergate” (approximately 25 mile radius) and includes “all persons and property therein”. This definition includes the forests and the woodcutting groups to the southwest and southeast of Rivergate, the farms and farmers to the northwest, the ranches and ranchers to the northeast, the miners and trappers near the villages of Westerville and Clifton’s Way, the fishermen and boatwrights near the village of Lakeview in the far north. The district extends up the Cliffs of Valkor and a little ways into the Wilds, but while this is technically accurate both entities have no practical reach in either the Cliffs or the Wilds.

One would think that the quality and quantity of the goods and crafts that originate from the area could have made the town into a large city; but the tight knit, community based, social groups, and the polite but reserved “we can take care of ourselves” nature of the citizenry make it an uncomfortable place for visitors. An example of this would be most out-of-town customers find that they are greeted with little more than a “Good day” by local merchants and dealt with politely yet only as much as is required to complete the sale. Trying to bargain with a merchant will get you shown the door, if you are not a district local that is. The culture of this community along with the involvement of the political, military, judicial, and guild protection forces have made major crime in the area almost unheard of. In a similar vein, considering Rivergate’s nearness to the wilds, it has been attacked by orcs and goblins surprisingly infrequently. The raiders are usually turned back by a group of soldiers from one of the Factions before they make it to town and thus the raiders focus their efforts on the small surrounding communities and various cargo trains instead.

The nearness to the wilds and relative safety of the town of Rivergate causes small groups of individuals to use Rivergate as a base of operations. Most come looking for glory and adventure, some for treasure. Many sign on as caravan guards or try to hire locals to lead them into the Wilds or up the Cliffs. In the end, most of these adventurers return empty handed and many return wounded. But about once a year some lucky people will return with an amazing relic, a bag of ancient gold, or some other fascinating items and a bizarre tale to account for it. Thus the rumors continue and so does the flow of questors.

Access to and the protection of Rivergate is valuable to every Faction on the Royal Council thus each has a representative stationed at an office in or very near town. The Circle of Learning has a mage historian who makes his residence in town. The Guardian Council has a small, training, chapter hall of the Knights Verdoyant on the southeastern edges of town with a Knight-Corporal in command. The Trade Assembly is the best represented with a guildmaster for each of the guilds, Artisan, Maker’s, Laborer’s, and Trader’s, all stationed in the town. The Conclave of the Divine has two representatives in a priest of Bahamut and a priest of Moradin. The Tribunal Primus is represented by the local justice of the peace and his black sleeves. The Ministry of War houses a ranger training facility on the northeastern outskirts of town and a river frigate that is based at the docks in Rivergate. The Council of High Lords named a Rivergate as main town to get their noble liaison, thus King Trisentine II appointed Patryk of the Sanderson family as Mayor in SR 418.

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