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General Information Regarding Shakala

The information on this page is provided for those people who are into minutia. Generally speaking, it is just ball park info typed hoping that it will assist in the formation of future story development. The freedom to change any of this data at any time to make the story work is vital, so do not make plans based on it without consulting the DM.

Kingdom of Shakala

Capital: Paladius
Languages: Primary language is Shakalan (common); other languages include Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, and a smattering of ancient Anairian.

Races:       All percentages are very approximate
Human 80%
Dwarves 8%
Half-Elves 5%
Elf (all types) 3%
Dragonborn 2%
Halfling 1%
Half-orc < 1%
Teifling < 1%
All others < 1%

Population: Approximately 6.3 million residents.

Across the whole of the Kingdom, there are approximately 2.4 million persons that are capable of learning the skills that are required to become known as an adventurer, and thus have earned a character class. Of the ones that are capable, about 1,000,000 are interested and have the opportunity to learn one. Of the ones that have earned a class, around 900,000 will never make it out of the heroic tier, 99,000 can only advance to the Paragon tier, leaving 1,000 that can advance into the Epic tier. The individuals in the kingdom that have a class at any one time are generally split among the class families below. The table includes the estimated numbers of people in the area of study.

Class Type % of Classed Heroic Paragon Epic
Warrior 75% 675,000 74,250 750
Priestly 15% 135,500 14,850 150
Mage like 5% 45,000 4,950 50
Rogue-ish 5% 45,000 4,950 50

Adventuring, warfare, research, and thieving are dangerous professions with a high causality rate and it has been estimated that upwards of 35% of the class capable die each year.

Currency: Platinum “Sovereign”, Gold “Regal”, Silver “Crown”, Copper “Mark”

The silver crown is the primary coin of the realm. In the case of standard quality items, the rule book pricing is converted to directly from GP to Crowns; e.g. 6GP item is 6 Crowns. Special orders, High quality, magic, and other similarly rare items use the listed GP cost as a starting point for discussions in Regals.

Duchy of Feltingara
Area Population: Approximately 750,000 residents.
Capital: Kailenhal – pop: 80,000

County of Barseen
Area Population: Approximately 50,000 residents.
Capital: Scanlin’s Point – pop: 5,000

Barony of Anadar
Area Population: Approximately 6,000 residents.
Capital: Wuudwyn – pop: 1000

District of Rivergate
Area Population: Approximately 300 residents.
Capital: Rivergate – pop: 175
Includes: Westerville, Lakeview, and Clifton’s Way
Major Exports: Furs (various), Fresh water fish, Boats and ships, Metals (various), Gems (various),Stone (various), Lumber (various), Finished goods.
Races:       All percentages are approximate

Human 80%
Half-elf 8%
Elf (all types) 4%
Dwarf 4%
Dragonborn 2%
Halfling 2%
Half-orc 0%
Teifling 0%
All others 0%

If there are more stats that you would like info on let me know and I make them up for you ;-)
– Jay


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