The Circle of Learning

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The Circle of Learning

The Circle of Learning was the first Royal Council of Shakala faction to be created by King Justintine. Founded in SR 121, the Circle of Learning was created during the critical first year of the cleanup from the Orc Wars. The mission of the Circle was to create a home for the engineers, architects, and wizards that assisted the war effort and allow them to continue to focus their skills on the rebuilding effort as well as to provide for all future generations of experts.

The Circle of Learning and King Justintine worked together to build the University of Shakala in Paladius with the goal being to provide a facility that allowed the master engineers, architects, and wizards of the realm to advance their trade and share that knowledge with their peers, their students, and other experts. After the Circle’s schools were built in Paladius and populated by the appropriate individuals, additional schools were added for the various arts, including acting, poetry, painting, and sculpting.

The University of Shakala campus in Paladius houses a large multistory building for each of the schools that are members of the Circle, a four wing Arts building, dormitories for the students, the Great Library, the Shakalan Museum of History, and the Grand Hall of the Performing Arts.

The Great Library was built with a specific donation to the university from King Justintine and tasked with tracking, protecting, and making available to the public all of the legal documents created by the crown and its nobles. With the completion of the Great Library, the archivist and historians successfully petitioned the Circle to add a school for them at the university. After the admission to the Circle of Learning, the historians were granted access to all of the records brought on to campus by any of the students or the masters. The historians copied all of the documents as fast as they could and the archivists added the tomes to the Great Library. Thanks to the assistance of many of the wizards, after being granted an exception for spell books, a spell was created to copy one book to another without a scribe. This spell was integrated into four magical wands thus allowing the compilation and codification of all documents on campus within 3 years. They also allow the Great Library’s staff to easily keep up with all new documents brought on campus and maintaining readable copies of the existing library contents.

The history department also worked with various nobles across the kingdom and with the dwarven, elven, and barbarian rulers to fill the massive Shakalan Museum of History with artifacts and stories form all over the realm. The museum covers 160 acres of immaculately maintained gardens showcasing the diverse flora of the realm and a scattering of 15 buildings crafted in various architectural styles that house a wide variety of items ranging from the historically significant to the obscure and unknown.

The Circle of Learning has built smaller campuses with similar structures for the university in each of the duchy capitals to facilitate the learning process for those that live outside the capital area.

The universities are funded from a small annual royal stipend, donations from local nobility, previous students and employees, and the dues charged for attendance. Each year, a few gifted students who can not afford the tuition are granted free access to classes by the Circle in exchange for a guarantee of service at the university after graduation.

The current schools of study at the University of Shakala, both major and minor, are as follows:
  • Arcana
    • Alchemy
    • Enchantment
    • Fortune Telling
    • Potions
    • Rituals
    • Spell Casting
  • Architecture
  • Arts
    • Poetry
    • Painting
    • Acting
    • Music
    • Sculpting
    • Dancing
  • Engineering
    • Civil
    • Demolition
    • Military Construction
  • History
    • Anarian
    • Archival and Scribing
    • Elven
    • Dwarven
    • Mythology
    • Shakalan
  • Noblesse Oblige
    • Etiquette
    • History
    • Law
    • Literacy – Reading, Writing, and Figures
    • Sport – Fencing, Hunting, Riding, and Wrestling
    • The Arts – Music, Dancing, and Poetry

The Circle of Learning

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