The Conclave of the Divine

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The Conclave of the Divine

King Justintine became a passionate follower of the god Bahamut during his time as a Knight Justicar. His devotion to the god and the value he placed in the life changing power of faith, guided him to create the Council of the Divine and to include it into the initial Factions of the Royal Council.

The King and the high priest of Bahamut met for a few days discussing the inclusion of religion in the Royal Council. The conversation started with the king recommending the creation of the Conclave of the Divine as spiritual advisors to the Royal Council. The high priest took that offer to his fellow high priests and returned with “we are not interested” response. King Justintine listened to the recommendations of the priest and, while not willing to give the churches the amount of power the priest recommended for easy acceptance, the king wrote another letter with an option that he could still accept and he hoped they would also. When the high priest of Bahamut returned the next morning, he was accompanied by the high priests and priestesses of the eight primary religions of the realm.

King Justintine agreed to receive the priests in his library, and the discussions commenced. In the wee hours of the morning, the king called his scribe. After an hour, the priests exited the library as a decision had been reached and recorded. A covenant between the crown and the gods had been reached.

Each of the participating religions would be allowed to build temples in any part of the realm as the numbers of followers dictate. At a minimum they must maintain a major place of worship that is within at least a quarter days walk from each of the duchy’s capitals. The Conclave must bring the will and wisdom of the gods to the Royal Council. The priests, church, and worshipers must be cordial and accepting of all Conclave of the Divine member religions and tolerant of others non-evil religions.

In return for this responsibility, the crown will designate one place of worship for each region that is a sanctuary where the government loses the ability to enforce its laws. Any place declared a sanctuary will remain one as long as the Conclave of the Divine is a part of the Royal Council of Shakala.

The religions that are acknowledged members of the Conclave of the Divine of the Royal Council of Shakala:
Avandra – Goddess of Change, Freedom, Trade, Travel, Adventure, and the Frontier
Bahamut – God of Justice, Protection, Nobility, and Honor
Corellon – God of Spring, Beauty, and the Arts
Erathis – Goddess of Civilization, Invention, and Law
Ioun – Goddess of Knowledge, Skill, and Prophecy
Kord – God of Strength, Battle, and Storms
Moradin – God of Creation, and the Family
Pelor – God of Sun, Summer, Time, and Harvests

The other good and unaligned gods and goddesses have temples in the realm but their presence is limited and they are not members of or protected by the covenant between the Conclave and the Crown. The evil gods and goddess may have a presence in the kingdom but their beliefs are not discussed, their priests and temples are not allowed, and in some areas the followers of the faith are actively hunted.

Unified Titles of the Member Religions of the Conclave

  • High Priest/Priestess
  • Patriarch/Matriarch
  • Primate
  • Bishop
  • Abbot/Abbess
  • Priest/ Priestess
  • Acolyte
  • Novate

The Conclave of the Divine

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