The Council of High Lords

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The Council of High Lords

The lords of the realm always had an opportunity to talk to the Royal Council and most had opportunity to whisper in the king’s ear a few times each year. What they did not have was the ability to directly affect the laws that they had to govern by. Early in SR 155, the five dukes approached King Trisentine and requested that they be allowed seats on the council. The king decided to consider their request if they could prove that they had all tamed their assigned lands and were able to pay their taxes without demoralizing the residents of the duchies. His plan to gather this proof was enacted the next day as he, five champions from each knighthood, five master rangers, and twenty-five of the Azure Drakes set forth on an unscripted tour of the five duchies.

Eighteen months later the king and his entourage returned to Paladius. After a couple of weeks putting the affairs of state in order, King Trisentine met with the royal scribes and formalized the rights and responsibilities of nobility. He presented the document to the Royal Council and, after accepting a renewed vow of obedience and protection to the crown and the realm from each of the dukes, he formally created the Council of the High Lords. During the ceremony, the king spoke very highly of every duke and how they were watching over their portions of his kingdom. He also thanked them for their continued and thorough service.

The Council of High Lords rarely meets outside of the Royal Council meetings, as the dukes are generally too busy running their part of realm.

Rank of Nobility in the Realm


  • King
  • Crown Prince
  • Royal Prince/Princess
  • Arch Duke (Current King’s male siblings)
  • Extended Royal Family (They will usually have specific patent of nobility but this is their place in the structure if there are issues with succession.)


  • Duke/Duchess
  • Count/Countess
  • Baron/Baroness
  • Knight-(Military Title)
  • Knight-Bachelor
  • Lord Mayor

The Council of High Lords

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