The Guardian Council

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The Guardian Council

The Guardian Council is the governing body for all of the acknowledged orders of knighthood in the realm. The precedence for the Guardian Council was formed when the king’s Knights-Marshall were summoned on a regular basis during the Orc War as a sounding board for the king’s strategies. The Council consists of the leader of each of the knightly orders, each of which is a noble of the realm and has received the title of Knight-Marshall from the king.

The Guardian Council prides itself on being the first agency used by any Shakalan king as a balance for his rule and one of the founding members of the Royal Council of Shakala as listed in the initial proclamation of King Justintine in SR 121. As a part of that proclamation, the Guardian Council was ordered to build and maintain a chapter house in Paladius and accept all capable nobles and freemen as a page. The agreement included a half mile by half mile parcel of land within the city to house the chapter houses and a training facility. This walled and gated area is known as Chapter Prime.

Each order of knighthood is required have a chapter house within Chapter Prime and each was designed by a different architect to match the style of the knighthood that resides there. Each chapter house is made up of at least practice grounds, forge, great hall, kitchen, dormitories, stables, library, armory, dungeon, treasury, and a garden. The chapter halls were built to comfortably hold around 500 knights, their equipment, and their mounts.

The Chapter Prime training hall is used to educate the pages and squires, and sometimes seats are shared with the students of the university and vice versa. The training hall has an octagonal shaped central meeting hall that can seat over 1000 seated feasting knights. The meeting hall sits in the center of the training wings: Strategy and Tactics, Etiquette and the Arts, Rights and Responsibilities, Law and History, Siege Craft and Engineering, Horsemanship and Hunting, Magic and Nature. Some of the instructors are gifted squires of the various orders but most are retired knights who are considered the master of craft for the area they are educating.

All member orders of the Guardian Council and are strictly held to the Code of Chivalry. Any individual charged and found guilty of violating the Code is stripped of all titles, all property, and the right to bear arms then driven before the staff wielding squires of his order from the Great Hall of Chapter Prime in Paladius to the sea.

  • Love the Crown and Country and all it holds dear
  • Serve your liege lord with valor, honor, and faith in all things
  • Never lie, and always remain faithful to your word
  • Never betray a confidence or comrade
  • Be generous to everyone with your wealth and respect
  • Always be the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil
  • Be the paragon of all the knightly values: Honor, Glory, Truth, Courtesy, Justice, Faith, and Perseverance
  • Protect the weak, innocent, and defenseless, and proclaim yourself the defender of them
  • There is no honor or glory in defeating a lesser or disadvantaged opponent
  • Make war against the enemy without cessation and with no thought of surrender
  • Never refuse an honorable challenge from an equal
  • Accept Death before embracing dishonor

The current knighthoods that are members of the Guardian Council are as follows:
Knights Justicar – The Brotherhood of Honorable Men Ensuring Justice for All
Knights Verdoyant – The Brotherhood of the Masters of the Green Places and Protectors of Freedom
Knights Asperous – The Brotherhood of the Guardians of Travelers in the Passes and Peaks of the Mountains
Knights Assedio – The Brotherhood of Warrior-Scholars of the Crafts of War and Siege
Knights Magus – The Brotherhood of Learned Champions Wielding Powers of Faith and the Arcane

The Guardian Council

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