The Ministry of War

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The Ministry of War

When King Justintine was working on the charter for the Tribunal Primus he decided that a previous oversight should be corrected. Before he presented the Faction members of the Tribunal Primus to the Royal Council expected as expected, the king drafted a charter that created the sixth faction to the Royal Council, the Ministry of War.

The king invited the Grand Marshal of the Ranger Corps, the Lord High Marshal of the Army, and the High Marshal of the Navy without telling them or the Royal Council that the military was to be added to the Royal Council. After presenting the Tribunal Primus and their acceptance, the king rose from his chair and said, “I have another announcement that I wish to make before we disperse for the day. I have made a grievous oversight and I wish to correct it now. I would like to offer Faction seats on the Royal Council to another vital group. I wish to offer the seats to my friends in the military seats via the Ministry of War Faction.”

The charter was produced and read to the group. At the conclusion of the reading, the three leaders of the Shakalan military all approached the throne, kneeled before their king, and accepted their new roles as members of the Royal Council.

The charter defined the role accepted by the Ministry of War primarily as defenders of the realm, the protectors of its people, and the guardians of the royal line. The secondary responsibility of the Ministry is the assist in the education of the populace by accepting any and all volunteers into service then training them in the basics of survival, the foundations of weapon play, and instilling in them value of teamwork and self-worth.

To handle the volunteers, the Ministry of War initially built two ranger academies, two naval academies, two infantry academies, and two warfare academies. Over the many years the rangers, navy, and the infantry schools have multiplied into dozens of each to handle the annual volunteers and their requisite four year stints, while the two warfare academies have become the officer’s training centers. Many of the volunteers will spend a portion of their service in more than one of the academies, as the marshals try to balance the numbers of volunteers each department is responsible for. The majority of the Ministry’s volunteers are made up of the persons who are not selected for a local apprenticeship. Most of the volunteers after their required four years of service use their training and become town and city watchmen, traveling merchants, merchant sailors, or are chosen to make a career of the military.

Over the years a special team of warriors were created that contained the most proven, talented, and loyal of the infantry; the Azure Drakes. No qualified individual is ever turned down from the Azure Drakes. The Drakes are permitted the honor of guardianship of the royal line. The Drakes are known to be the kingdom’s ultimate close combat warriors. Most of them are also skilled archers, huntsmen, and sailors. Many a youngster dream of some day wearing the black, silver, and blue tabards of the Azure Drakes.

Military Ranks

Army and Rangers Navy
Marshal Marshal
General Admiral
Captain Commander
Lieutenant Ensign
Specialist Specialist
Cadet Cadet
Master Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
Sergeant Petty Officer
Private Sailor

All members of the Azure Drakes are minimally of the rank Lieutenant. In addition, they are only required to take orders from their own hierarchy and the members of the royal line. In practice they differ to the normal order of rank unless they feel the royal line is better served or protected in another way.

The Ministry of War

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