The Unknown Past

Dig into Shakala’s past to preserve its future

The kingdom of Shakala is home to a large human population that is intermixed with a variety of other sentient races. The kingdom was founded over 2300 years ago and has been thriving in a mostly peaceful state for almost 2000 of those years. Little do the residents realize that primeval and potent forces have begun to move toward the goal of ending that peace and their existence. Only by locating and understanding the source can the kingdom’s people be saved, and only then by persons courageous enough and powerful enough to oppose its will.

Are you one of the few that will become heroes of the realm?

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Please visit the Wiki for more information on the Kingdom of Shakala. In addition to the wiki, there is a basic map of the starting town, Rivergate , and a few of the important NPCs. You can also subscribe to changes via RSS if you want to be notified of site changes. Oh yeah, if you have ANY ideas for the world please let me know!

Jay (Galvor-DM)

Campaign Creation Background … or … Why is This Happening

Over the summer of 2009, after visiting a local gaming convention, I had my interest reignited for pen and paper roleplaying games. I began intermittently working on a new world and the related back story for a possible Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition campaign. After a few months of reading, writing, and research, I feel that I am now ready to move forward and commit to a real campaign for the first time in over 7 years.

During this preparation process I had very grand plans for the work I wanted to do on the campaign before I launched it. After working on it, as free time became available over the last 3 months, I have decided to scale back my initial plans to allow the game to start during my lifetime.   :-)   This change of scale means that I should be able to get the campaign ready in a few weeks. I have created a wiki page to host the schedule in the upcoming weeks so that interested parties can stay informed and plan their attendance.

If you might be interested in playing in this campaign please do the following:
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The Unknown Past

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