The Unknown Past

The Return to Orc Keep

Ok…whose turn is it? If you need any help let me know.

Basic outline as Jay remembers it:
  • Pelor messenger arrived – no portable hole at this time, church will work on politicking to get keep restored to feltengara family and still supports reconsecrating the altar in the crypt.
  • Count messenger returns – 5 newbie guards are sent to assist which Lud spars with to verify they are worth taking
  • Party gears up and after 2.5 weeks moves out with along with the assistants; 1 priest of Pelor, 2 Rangers, 5 newbie guards
  • Travel for a week to get free of all civilizations marks.
  • 3 more days, find ruts from a wagon about three weeks old.
  • It dawns on party that they it has been nearly eight weeks since they returned from the keep last time and over 13 weeks since they started their adventures. That makes it now some time in mid-Febrile.
  • They agree to follow the trail to the north, hoping to find an orc caravan.
  • They come across a camp site from the caravan and determine that there are about 25 orcs sleeping there.
  • Continue to follow the trail realizing that they are gaining on the caravan as the tracks are becoming slowly more fresh.
  • Lud and Phlarr are scouting ahead when they notice two orc scouts up ahead of them, one on each side of the trail they are following about 40 feet into the thick Darke Harte Forest.
  • Waited for the party to show up and a discussion on how to proceed.
  • Phlarr decides to scour a wide area for more intelligence before proceeding scours 200 feet in each direction.
  • With the location and estimated timing of the tracks found, the formation of the orcs caravan is calculated
  • The plan to camp here and ready themselves for an attack on the orc caravan in the morning.


Finally getting to play again. I’m the “expert” in the game, so I think that now enough of the monsters from Keep on the Borderlands have been released in 4th ed (Thanks to MM2, but SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN THAT FREAKING LONG, YOU HEAR ME WOTC?!!!), I can run my favorite adventure again for another group who don’t remember the adventure (or were 3 years old at most when it was originally released). Yes! Gary Gygax’s legacy lives on!!!

The Return to Orc Keep

Cool bullet points. Though it removes the feeling of flavor text, it does make for a much quicker read for reminders before the next game gets on.

The Return to Orc Keep

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