Professor Raibeart

University of Shakala Professor of Foundation History


Lean human male wizard; late 50’s; bushy, shoulder length, graying-blonde hair; blue eyes; 5’9”; favors comfortable but travel ready clothing; open curious personality.


Raibeart has made the town his home for over 35 years while he attempts to collect any old items and every story he can from the returning adventurers. Any items that he does not find to be interesting enough quite often gets sold to one of the general stores or visiting peddlers. He is a regular participant in all celebrations that include story telling and often frequents the Dancing Goblin Inn to nurse a mug of ale or glass of wine while listening for new tales or sharing his collected stories of the grand days gone by. He has been known to use his minor magics to enhance his stories when there are large crowds listening. He is one of the few residents that seem to enjoy the company of strangers. Raibeart seems to value stories and artifacts more than people, which tends to explain his lack of a wife and children. Raibert makes bi-annual trips to the capital to take his treasures and reports to the university and get his stipend. He has been known to take some of the older youths of the town with him, with their parents permission of course.

Professor Raibeart

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