Mistress Dinleva

Local Priestess of Bahamut; Appointed by the Temple of Bahamut in Kailenhal


Slender amber scales with burnt orange accents female; 44 years old; 6’3”; passionate follower of Bahamut’s ideals, constantly seeks like minded folks both in the church and out.


Dinleva was born in the foothills of Clifton’s Way to diamond mining couple. Her parents were known in the area to have claim that was impossible for humans to work yet could maintain a steady supply of high grade yellow and white diamonds. Dinleva hated the digging and was constantly praying to Bahamut to help her escape the mining she saw in her future. With the birth of her younger brother in her 7th year, Dinleva began looking for a way out of the family business. That summer the priest of Bahamut from Rivergate made a pilgrimage to Clifton’s Way. He set up a tent and began preaching that he was called to the area to communicate the value of maintaining vigilance against evil and protecting your fellows. Dinleva passed by his first tent meeting when carrying lunch to her mother and was mesmerized by the lecture. She was unable to keep herself away from the meetings and returned for every one of them during his stay. When her 8th naming day arrived she asked her parents if she could join the priesthood of Bahamut. Her father allowed it and promised to take her to the temple in Kailenhal for her 9th naming. They arrived a few days early and met with the priests in the temple. On naming day she was selected by the temple and began her training. Dinleva requested the Rivergate posting since that is where she was called from and it was near her family. When the previous priest retired, she was granted the position in Rivergate. That was 19 years ago.

Mistress Dinleva

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