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The History of Shakala

The kingdom of Shakala was founded by Sir Ersintine Shakala approximately 2300 years ago. What follows is the current telling by historians of the foundation of Shakala.

The Township of Rivergate

The Rivergate area is where the campaign play will begin. Below are links to articles related to the general area and any specific information that may be relevant to the character selection and character backstory creation.

Rivergate Area: General Information

Discoveries, Heirlooms, Artifacts, and other Treasures

This section includes important details about the artifacts and information may advance the main story or link to alternate plot line.

Discoveries and Heirlooms

General Party Treasures and Rewards

The Royal Council of Shakala

The Royal Council of Shakala is the primary place that governing decisions of the realm are made.

The Royal Council was formed by King Justintine after the orc wars as a way to keep himself informed before making decisions. Eventually he noticed that the council made excellent recommendations as long as all parties had an equal say. He then gave the council law making authority, access to the royal treasury, and the ability to name a new king if the last king did not do so before death. He reserved, for the crown, the rights to vacate or change any ruling or expenditure made by the council, to adjust council membership, and even to dissolve the council as a whole if desired.

The council is made up of all the leaders of the 7 factions with in the kingdom and the king himself. Before a leader can become a council member they must take a blood vow of obedience to the crown and the protection and continuation of the realm. It must be taken in the royal capital’s main square, before all existing council members. The king must, in person, accept the vow and officially grant council membership.

Any council members may present any issue they wish to be heard on. After the hearing, a discussion is had to determine if action needs to be taken and if so what action to take. Once the options are decided upon, a vote is called and each faction is allowed one vote on the resolution. It takes a majority of Yea votes and at least seven total votes to be placed to pass a resolution. The king has eight votes thus ensuring that the kings will is always done.

Royal Council Factions

Additional Information

Time, Calendar, and Holidays of Shakala
How Magic is Viewed in Shakala
Rituals and Components
General Statistical Information Related to the Kingdom of Shakala
Additional Maps of the Realm

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