Rituals and Components

    Since rituals require components and I feel that a wizard that does not dissect things once in a while is not a real wizard, here is a list of the rituals and their related components. Only rituals that at least one party member is aware of will be listed.

    This list can be used as a shopping list when in a magical paraphernalia shop, to create a destination list when planning an expedition, or even as a starting point while researching new or modified rituals.

Name Level Components Comp Value
Amanuensis 1 6 inch crystal stylus 7 GP
    1 page evenly glazed with eladrin wizard sweat and sun dried 3 GP
Brew Potion 1    
Comprehend Language 1    
Create Campsite 1    
Make Whole 1    
Purify Water 1    
Unseen Servant 1 FOCUS – mastercrafted ceramic hand 25 GP
    unbroken Bloodthorn Vine feeding thorn 10 GP
    6 inches of straight Ettercap Webspinner web yarn 10 GP
Detect Secret Doors 3    
Knock 4 Key made from right hand’s finger bones, held together with pure silver settings 35 GP

More to come…

Rituals and Components

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